It is time to take your office furniture to the next level. If you have been dreaming of modernizing or just completely rehabbing your company’s office layout, we have the ideas you need to get you on the right path.

At our desire is to ensure that our visitors gain all the necessary information and resources to find the right furniture to meet their needs. That goal leads us to review furniture liquidators and dealers across the country, which ultimately brought us to EthoSource in Philadelphia.

This company is able to provide our customers with exceptional furniture at a fraction of the price. And, they were even willing to share with us some great ideas about taking those office designs to the next sphere.

Take Your Office Furniture to the Next Level

Super Cool Office Furniture Layouts to Inspire All

Gone are the days of drab and dull grey cubicles. Layouts that inspire are gaining a great deal of respect around the world as employers realize that the way the office looks has a direct impact on how the employees respond. Stimulating creativity can bolster productivity and that’s why we are sharing these super cool office furniture layouts to inspire all:

  1. Balance work and play. Of course, you don’t have to be as over the top as one firm that incorporates retro pinball machines and saunas in the workspace, but adding a touch of fun can reinvigorate employee enthusiasm. Consider adding games that can engage the mind while simultaneously giving it the break it needs to come up with some of its best ideas.
  2. Themes can be cool. If you have the space, consider separating sections of the building into themed areas. A lot of these ideas have to do with décor, but you can also utilize old phone booths for mini-office spaces or private phone conversations. Or you can add a bar (sans liquor) as a place for collaboration.
  3. Consider chalkboards. Chalkboards are a great way to add ambiance to your office space. Your employees can write down important information, leave one another inspiring quotes, or simply doodle when they are having a frozen brain moment. Giving them a creative outlet that isn’t a permanent fixture can keep them on their toes.
  4. Embrace the child in you. As we noted before, it is important to balance work and play. But you can add some semblance of play in furniture design by having treehouse-designed offices, or bright coloring board walls, and quiet areas that are reminiscent of hobbit holes. Indulge in this fantasy and watch your employees shine.
  5. Accept customized cubicles. If you have to utilize cubicles based on the nature of your work, we suggest you allow employees to customize them as they please. Let them bring in their own fun chairs (or order what they want for them). You will be encouraged by the creative representation your employees provide for themselves. Plus, it will brighten up the workplace and be a source of regular conversation among staff, which should help you build a cooperative environment.
  6. Add giant communal desks. These are represented by some of the top companies worldwide. These desks can seat an enormous amount of people and encourage significant amounts of communication between them. Add some vintage pieces and you have a space like nothing your employees have seen before.

Taking your office furniture to the next level is all about utilizing new design ideas. It’s about not being afraid to step out of the proverbial box. Ask your employees what they’d like to see in your office. You might be surprised by the plethora of great design ideas you get!