Searching for Philadelphia business furniture can seem like a daunting task. And, since modern office furniture trends are an attempt at making offices more active, there’s probably a lot of information you will need to make the most beneficial and cost effective decisions.

At we aim to ensure that you have the resources and information you need to make your business the best it can be. We can provide you with cost saving advice when it comes to office furniture purchases.

In Philadelphia, EthoSource can offer you a wide selection. We recently did a review on them and discovered that they have refurbished, premium-used, and new office furniture. Their online catalog can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Now that you have an idea where to look, you probably need some assistance understanding what today’s offices look like. The best way to describe them is: mobile.

Philadelphia Business Furniture

The Future is an Active Office

Today’s office furniture has been designed to allow employees to be more active. They are able to change their positions frequently via trendy new adjustable desks. And, this ability to be mobile helps with insurance costs on your end because the more active your employees are, the better health they experience.

Sitting for extended periods of time has been shown to have severe negative health effects including:

  • Higher chance of cancer
  • Larger percentage of obesity
  • Greater risk for back pain and problems

Thankfully, new office furniture designs are helping to address these concerns. Adjustable desks allow people to alternate between standing and sitting. This increases blood flow and decreases back pain. It can also improve the chances of weight loss! Add to that reclining chairs, and you are giving your employees the ability to stay well and thereby become more productive members of your staff.

Of course, with physical mobility being a big factor in office layout and design, it is important to note the technological side of mobility. Offices are becoming more “wired” to support this trend. Lounge seating is the newest advancement in office furniture design. Employees can move around the office to more comfortable areas while still having access to all the technology they need to get their jobs done efficiently and more painlessly.

Low voltage systems are being built into work pods and storage units so that each of the mobile devices your employees use can be free from separate power supplies. Wireless power connections are available as well to help eliminate the need for so many cords which, as you know, take up space and are easily lost. Fewer cords will mean less money spent replacing those that are lost or damaged.

The truth is, modern office furniture designs are becoming increasingly complex, but more comfortable and useful. This should help Philadelphia business owners, like yourself, improve the functionality of your office space. So, consider purchasing office furniture that allows for mobility on all fronts.