If you have been wondering how to set your open office up in a way that contributes to better dialogue between colleagues and makes use of the limited amount of space you may be working with, we have some great furniture ideas for you.

Open office ideas are all over the Web. However, some people are a little concerned about the concept as they believe it contributes to increased noise in the workplace. On the flip side, setting everyone up in their own office is typically not economically feasible and will undoubtedly lead to more maddening technology-based interactions.

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Open Office Furniture Ideas

So, getting the furniture is probably the easiest part! But what design options are available? 

Light Filled

If you have the luxury of a space that is full of natural lighting, we’ve got some suggestions. Consider searching for custom tables instead of prefabricated desks. You can set these tables up front and center and equip them with desk lamps and cord options beneath. And if necessary, include some adjacent conference spaces just in case you need to have a heart-to-heart with someone.


If flexibility and collaboration are your goal, a nonlinear design is a great option. Seek out curved tables and oblong desks. You can place them back to back in a pattern that allows comfortable mobility and generates an aesthetic appeal. Not all offices have to be straight lined and rigid. You want your work space to be anything but boring.


Sometimes you need to add a little fun to your office designs. Consider opting for flamboyant colors or oddly shaped vintage office furniture that can give your office space a happy atmosphere that isn’t seen in other arenas. One newspaper based out of Czechoslovakia has giant letters placed intermittently around their open space. While that may not fit your needs, some really unique art work can add an element of joy, no matter the locale.


If you have a lot of people and need to get as many as possible into your open layout, a non-uniform design might be the right choice for you. Typically we envision most work spaces as square or rectangular. To make the area more interesting for your employees, think about using an “S” style layout and maybe some really unique lamps for the tabletops. And, don’t skimp on the overhead lighting, especially if you are not blessed with great natural light. 

The Sky’s the Limit

Your business is your baby and you want it to be as productive and profitable as possible. This means ensuring that the people who work for you have the best chance at loving what they do. There’s a lot of research that suggests happy employees are harder working employees. Make the most of your space and allow them the freedom and flexibility to be themselves in an open area.

Now that you have some great ideas about how to set up your open office space, you need the furniture to fill it. NationalOfficeLiquidator.com can help you find dealers who specialize in suitable tables, desks, and even lamps that will meet your requirements for affordability, function, and design.