Office furniture in New York is not hard to find. However, understanding what trends are currently making a difference in office design could be a little more challenging.

At we make it our goal to stay up-to-date on modern office trends and the best places to get them. Our desire is to provide our clientele with all the resources and information necessary to save money and create an amazing office space.

Due to this desire, we often review leading furniture providers. This process led us to EthoSource, based out of Philadelphia. They provide great furniture, used, new, and refurbished at a fraction of the price. So, finding trendy office furniture through them could save you a good deal of money. But, what’s on trend? We asked them to share their thoughts.

Office Furniture in New York

Trendy, Millennial Friendly, Office Furniture

Thanks to low levels of unemployment, you might find your company competing with others to retain and attract employees. And, since most of the new work force is composed of millennials, designing your office to suit their taste is a good idea.

Emphasizing space for comfortable collaboration, enhanced productivity, and improved wellness, will go a long way with those in the 18-34 age bracket. In fact, 76% of them reportedly place strong value in a company’s aesthetics and office design.

So, if you are hoping to be more relevant and millennial friendly, these are the office furniture trends that we recommend as you consider your office redesign:

  • Comfy lounge areas for collaboration. To build office camaraderie, these spaces will allow for extended conversations thereby increasing productivity.
  • Sit-stand desks. There is a lot of research suggesting that many of the health problems we see today are based on the fact we spend too much time in a seated position. Therefore, integrating sit-stand desks into your office layout will enable your employees to enjoy better health, take fewer sick days, and cost you less in insurance.
  • Add your brand. You want your staff to be proud of where they work. Adding branding in your design will bring cohesion. Plus, it has the ability to impress clients as everything appears interconnected visually.
  • Modular benching systems. Benching systems are definitely an up and coming office furniture trend. They are particularly valuable to businesses that desire flexibility. They can be readily redesigned to suit various needs and they come in a variety of options.
  • Booths or pods. Open office design is still well-loved in the modern world. New booths and pods allow for semi-private meetings while still providing the open area people desire for connectivity with one another.
  • Designated meeting spots. Some call these breakout areas and it is suggested that they include large monitor screens, conference phones, and a shared desk space. These don’t have to be large spaces, but they need to be placed in a way that groups can gather to discuss business in a comfortable manner.

Whether you are just getting around to opening your company, or deciding that you need a complete overhaul to your office furniture in New York, rest assured that you can meet the needs of clients and staff when you utilize companies like EthoSource and opt for trendy office designs. Hopefully you have learned a good deal about what the millennials on your staff are looking for.