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Office Cubicles with Doors

So, if you have spent time in the past decreasing the amount of personal work space and privacy for your employees, purchasing office cubicles with doors might be the change you need. You don’t have to sacrifice the creative collaboration that non-cubicle spaces claim to provide.

Having doors on the cubicles allows for collaboration and privacy when the need arises. If you’ve considered restoring individual workspace to allow for an array of activities, read on to see why this may be a good idea.

The Beginnings of Open Offices

Creating a lot of single person offices is nearly impossible for most companies. Building extra walls is a costly endeavor. And, if you have been hoping to grow the company and the number of employees, single office spaces could be a really bad idea. Enter the open office concept.

Open offices saved companies money. They offer them the ability to rent cheaper, larger spaces and house as many people as they can fit in desks. Having more team members on your floor seems to be a win for the company. Unfortunately, this often leads to a good deal of resentment and distraction.

Adding Modulars

Benching and modular systems seem to be the next best step. But, they still leave a lot to be desired when it comes to privacy, which many employees not only appreciate but thrive in. So what can be done to rectify this seemingly good idea?

There are panels you can purchase that add a sense of privacy and might even help muffle the noise levels. These screens and panels are movable and come in a variety of shapes. However, they don’t always provide your staff with the individualized space they are craving.

Miniature Work Areas Rule

Enter the cubicle with a door. These provide miniature work areas that offer staff members the ability to personalize and privatize their work spaces. Your employees can choose what seating they incorporate into their cubicles, adding comfort and a sense of peace while at work.

Additionally, working in a cubicle that has a door means your staff members have the option to shut their peers out when they are working on an important deadline. They don’t have to constantly collaborate. Cubicle doors give them a chance to refuel in a private space that feels more like a home office than being at work.

If you have been hoping for increased productivity, these cubicles with doors might be the perfect option. They are customizable and work to improve employee morale and productivity.