Whether you have a modern open office design or offer individual offices for each employee, make sure the furniture is suitable for the types of tasks that need to be done.  Understand your people, understand how they work, and then build your workplace around it.

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Modern Open Office Furniture

How Open Offices Encourage Collaboration

Opening up your floor space to create a collaborative workplace can yield highly successful results when done properly and achieve objectives that can be hard to accomplish in a cubicle environment:

  • Emphasize openness and connectivity
  • Save space and money with increased seating density and multi-use environments
  • Get greater versatility with different seating types and designs
  • Promote rapport building and exchange of ideas
  • Encourage better departmental communication
  • Improve access to shared materials and resources
  • Spark conversation, collaboration and innovation
  • Streamline work processes
  • Accommodate mobile workforces at lower cost
  • Increase everyone’s exposure to natural light
  • Give managers easier access for evaluating team progress

Benching Systems

As today’s workers request more open space, moveable desks, standing desks, and other less formal styles of seating that can be rearranged quickly for sharing work, benching has helped create a new, improved version of offices once filled with high-walled cubicles.

Benching systems allow businesses to create an aesthetically pleasing environment with better functionality than the customary cubicle workstation. The advantages include:

  • Encourage group interaction and teamwork, making for better departmental communication
  • Accommodate more workers in the same amount of space, decreasing real estate costs per square foot
  • Modular and easily movable or reconfigurable to meet the needs of each unique users
  • Hybrid solutions that allow for power and data distribution along a center spine, and can support long horizontal worksurface spans
  • Dramatically improve productivity and mental alertness with more natural light and outdoor views

Benching systems are an excellent solution when your business has outside salespeople, telecommuters and other transient workers who spend more time on the road than in the office. The bench provides them with a place to plug-in, work and collaborate with colleagues, but the space isn’t wasted when they’re not in the office.

This may not be the best solution if your employees need a lot of quiet and privacy in order to be productive. However, you can still create a functional and aesthetically beautiful state-of-the-art environment by combining benching systems and their cubicle counterparts.

Benching works particularly well in environments where workers spend the majority of their time working in teams, e.g., marketing, engineering, research and development, product development, IT project teams, consultants, managers, architects and designers.

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