Ever wondered how to liquidate office furniture? If you have used office furniture that you would like to resell, learning the best process will be beneficial. Plus, you can use the money you make from the resale to purchase new furniture that better suits your office’s atmosphere.

At NationalOfficeLiquidators.com, we make it a top priority to provide you with helpful information about office furniture. Whether you need to make a new purchase or are looking for the best pricing advice, we are here for you.

We have spent time reviewing various furniture providers, and EthoSource in Philadelphia offers plenty of options for selling and purchasing office furniture. We got some great advice from them for helping you liquidate your used office furniture. 

How to Liquidate Office Furniture

Tips for Selling Your Office Furniture

Whether your company is preparing to upgrade or is going out of business, you will want to do all you can to ensure that money is well guarded. Or, perhaps, it’s not the money that drives you to sell. Maybe you are more concerned with preventing furniture from ending up in landfills so that you can help the environment.

Your motivation for liquidation will not affect the following tips for selling your office furniture. So, if you are looking for the best return on your used furniture, take these suggestions to heart:

Clean it up. Buyers want furniture that looks like it’s in great shape. The cleaner the furniture, the more they will be willing to pay for it. So, take the necessary time to remove crumbs from chairs and coffee rings from tabletops and workstations. Wipe everything down to ensure there’s nothing sticky or discolored. Treat any stains and vacuum all the pieces that have upholstery.

Fix it up. We understand that you probably don’t have the time or finances to invest in a furniture refurbishing company, but it’s important that you fix all the obvious issues. Anything that is missing screws, or has loose pieces can be readily and inexpensively fixed. If something is squeaky, use WD-40 to make it as quiet as it was new. And, if you still have any manuals, gather them up to provide with each piece.

Price it right. Once everything is fixed and clean, it’s time to set your price. Remember that people are expecting to get a deal when they buy used furniture. So, unless you have top of the line pieces, price them appropriately. Consider how much you originally paid, what each piece is made of, what kind of shape it’s in, and how stylish it is. All these things will affect your price decisions.

You should also take really good photos of each piece, from different angles. People want to preview before they come out to see the furniture. Don’t forget to advertise and then be prepared to negotiate. You want to get rid of the furniture and make a little money back, so be prepared to lower the original price.

Following these tidbits of advice on how to liquidate your office furniture will help you get it off your hands and give you a few extra bucks to move forward in whatever direction your company is going.